Thursday 22 March 2007

Debbie Bliss Colour Blocks Jacket

This pattern didn't really do it for me when I saw it first but I found myself going back to it and every time I saw it I liked it better. So it entered my queue a while back. I think I'd prefer a zip, but otherwise I plan to do it as is.

It's DK wool but as often seeems to happen with Debbie Bliss, pretty much all the colours have been discontinued. Arrgggh, why do they do that? So I had a look around Springwools for a suitable substitute and settled on Lang merino DK, which has a huge range of colours and feels like it'd be lovely to work with. Then I hit another snag - obviously, they can't keep all the colours in stock but they are happy to order other colours. In multiples of 10. But the most I need of any colour is 3.

Now, I do like to support local businesses if possible but it was clearly time to go surfing. I found a few suppliers with websites but mostly not much of an online selection. But there was one in France. The ordering procedure seemed to imply that they expected customers to be in France, but didn't actually insist on it. They took my money and sent me an invoice anyway. I'm expecting it to arrive very soon.

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